About the Company

Fox MC, Inc. was established in 2003. We are a family owned and operated Management and Contracting Company, and proudly serve the Buffalo, NY community since 2003. We take great pride in all facets of management and serving our renters and clients. Fox MC, Inc. is hands-on with our property management, maintenance, communication, and general upkeep of our properties.

If you are in the market for a rental, look no further. We have many gorgeous properties to suit your living needs….We are YOUR neighbors!


Renter's Insurance - required for all properties
Rental Deposit - We require a security deposit that equals 1 month’s rent. We do not require additional deposits for pets

Pet Policy
Cats and dogs are permissible with references.

- Tenant(s) agrees to be fully responsible and liable, and pay for any damages or injury caused by, or as a result of the pet. Pet damages can apply to floors, carpeting, walls, windows, screens, moldings, furniture, landscaping, etc.

- Tenant agrees to abide by current local, state, and federal law.

- Tenant agrees that pet will not be left unattended outside of the residence at any time.

- The Tenant promises not to leave food for the pet outside the dwelling, which can attract other animals and pests.

- The Tenant agrees to keep his pet clean at all times and keep the premises in a clean and sanitary manner, properly disposing of any and all pet droppings.